Bali is the most popular island of Indonesia

Bali is the most popular island of Indonesia. Denpasar is the capital of Bali. If you fly you fly to Bali generally always Denpasar (DPS). Bali is 5561 square kilometers and has approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. The Balinese speak mostly Indonesian (Bahasa), Balinese or English. The island is largely Hindu.

Sanur Beach
Bali was formerly dominated by several independent principalities. When the Dutch first entered the island (1597) that changed. There are still found in Bali Dutch influences. Since the inception of the republic in 1945 Bali is part of the Republic of Indonesia.

In Indonesia, everyone generally or predominantly practicing Muslim. In Bali it is not so, there is the majority of the population to a form of Hinduism. The Hindu Dharma, Agama Hindu consists of a combination of existing mythologieeen and Balinese influences of Hinduism in South and Southeast Asia.
Bali is an island where you ever once must have been, especially the diversity speaks many tourists. In the south of the island (around Kuta and Sanur) is the tourist area, with all the comforts of that. In the extreme south, however, is still plenty to explore. Think of the area around Jimbaran Pecatu-Ungasan-Balangan, where many idyllic and unspoilt beaches adorn the coastline. The cultural center of the "Island of Thousand Temples" is Ubud. Here visitors can enjoy the Barong and Kris dance performances. From Ubud, you can easily explore the rest of the island.

The main port of Bali, which is about 6 kilometers from Denpasar is located, is the gateway for many tourists who come by boat or leaving the island. Here one can enjoy water sports, boat races and other events.

Sanur Beach
This beach is a short distance from Denpasar. The long stretch of beach can be reached easily by public transport. Sanur beach is especially popular with older tourists (50 +) because of the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
Sanur has many beautiful hotels, delicious (fish) restaurants and is ideal for water sports.

Kuta Beach
Among surfers and sun worshipers one of the finest beaches in the world. The strong waves make it ideal for water sports, but also make it too difficult to swim. Here you can see at night in the most fashionable restaurants, cafes and enjoy the sunset.

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