The amazing sea-gardens of Maluku Indonesia

The province of Maluku is one of the provinces in the archipelago of about 1,027 large and small islands. Therefore, the province also known as the "province of thousand islands". Most of the mainland of the Moluccas is covered with lush tropical forest. The deepest ocean trench in Indonesia lies in the province, namely Banda, at 6,500 meters below sea level. The islands are administratively divided into two provinces, Maluku and North Maluku.

The amazing sea-gardens of Maluku
Maluku is famous for its spectacular sea-gardens, and one can enjoy directly from there by snorkeling or scuba diving classes. According to some researches 

The islands in Maluku 
The islands consist of two provinces: in Ambon and Maluku and North Maluku capital of Ternate as capital. Maluku is famous for its natural beauty and spice since ancient times. Its hundreds of islands each have a unique panorama. Apart nature, should be well preserved legacies of the colonial era as the main tourist attraction. 

One of the prominent tourist destinations in Ambon is Marthafon or Martha Alfons peninsula. The island lies opposite the city of Ambon and is accessible by ferry or through the wooden boats which you can bring locals. Really special is the beautiful unspoilt sandy beach and barricaded a meter high walls. 

Banda Naira
Of marine tourism to enjoy, please go to Banda Naira. The beauty of the sea garden and the diversity of plant and animal species that live under the clear water are its main attractions. You do not know what you see. Finally, there is still much to admire in history Banda Naira. Old buildings in Banda Naira is still solid and well preserved. The narrow streets of the city not more than four meters wide, and large shady trees along some strategists give it an air of a fun little town from the early 20th century.

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